Moaning kid says wrong name

One night my friend and I decided to go out with our girlfriends. In the heat of the gimmick, my girlfriend couldn’t contain her horniness that she nonchalantly kissed me torridly on the lips. To my shock, she asked for sex outright. 

My friend and his girl must have gotten carried away by the scene we made that they agreed to trot off to a motel with us. So we hied off to the nearest motel and each made good with our heat. 

Best friends with benefits

James is my best friend since college and we’ve been sharing an apartment since. He is cool and nice and we’ve had some steamy encounters together so let us say we’re best friends with benefits. Then I met Christian and we started dating. He is as cool and as wild as James. The three of us became inseparable. 

Dial "P" for pleasure

I am 22 years old and mom of two daughters. I’ve had a live-in partner for two years now. I met my current partner in a BPO company. When I was placed in another account, I met this new guy who’s tall, dark, and hunky. This guy also happened to be one of the bosses. He seemed to be so annoyed with girls—which challenged me. I can honestly say that I’m still hot considering I have two kids, so I was able to catch his attention.

Keeping the boss happy

This is an unforgettable story from my OJT days. I had a big crush on my boss, but since he was my superior, I couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to him and tell him that I liked him. During our department's event at a resort, I saw him alone by the hallway. It was an opportunity to talk to him, and thankfully he accommodated me. 

Dead GrandMa spoils Hot, steamy sex

It was my husband’s second night since he arrived home from his nine-month long contract on board a ship. Unfortunately, it was also the second night of my grandmother’s wake. Good thing relatives understood our situation so we were excused from the nightly vigil. All understood except, well, my mother. I guess she just couldn’t understand why we needed to heat things up when a dead relative was downstairs.

'Ex' for Extracurricular

I have a one-month relationship with a long-time friend, but my ex-boyfriend and I still keep in touch. One night, I sent him a text message to check out how he was doing, and asked him about his sex life. With a naughty reply, I told him to come over after 12 midnight since all my folks were already asleep and that he could sneak into my room.