Best friends with benefits

James is my best friend since college and we’ve been sharing an apartment since. He is cool and nice and we’ve had some steamy encounters together so let us say we’re best friends with benefits. Then I met Christian and we started dating. He is as cool and as wild as James. The three of us became inseparable. 
One time while watching porn Christian and I started making out in front of James and then James eventually joined us. For some time it became a regular thing between the three of us. Then came Marie, James’ new girlfriend who happened to be my batchmate in high school. 

The group eventually grew into a foursome and sometimes when the boys are out Marie and I experimented with each other. Now Marie and I are conspiring to have the boys experiment with each other, too! It’s great to have a relationship and friendship all in one package sharing one common passion.

Fantastic4, by email

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