Dead GrandMa spoils Hot, steamy sex

It was my husband’s second night since he arrived home from his nine-month long contract on board a ship. Unfortunately, it was also the second night of my grandmother’s wake. Good thing relatives understood our situation so we were excused from the nightly vigil. All understood except, well, my mother. I guess she just couldn’t understand why we needed to heat things up when a dead relative was downstairs.

So, my husband and I were barely heating up when the bedside phone rang. It was mother, telling me that we were the only couple missing downstairs. But my husband couldn’t be stopped with his maneuvers, sliding in and out of me, while I was desperately trying to suppress my moans of pleasure with his every thrust. I was finally able to come up with an excuse and put down the phone.

My hubby and I were both extra happy that we were at last going to have undisturbed sex when something heavy hit me on the head. It was the heavy bottle of perfume on the headrest falling right smack on my temple. For a few seconds I was seeing stars just as my husband shot his wad in me. I knew that perfume bottle was not anywhere near the edge of the headrest, so I can only assume it was my dead grandma telling me to behave as well!

Wife ng isang 3rd mate, by email

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