'Ex' for Extracurricular

I have a one-month relationship with a long-time friend, but my ex-boyfriend and I still keep in touch. One night, I sent him a text message to check out how he was doing, and asked him about his sex life. With a naughty reply, I told him to come over after 12 midnight since all my folks were already asleep and that he could sneak into my room.

We waited patiently until 12 midnight, while sending naughty SMSes every now and then. Midnight came and everyone was asleep. But darn, did I forget to tell him about our dog! He came inside tiptoeing as our dog kept on barking at him. This awakened my mom, who then checked what was going on outside. Luckily, my ex and I managed to hide behind a giant tree just beside our house and waited there. 

My mom fell asleep at 1:30AM. I fetched my guy outside, placed our dog inside our car, led him inside my room. He hurriedly undressed me. We lip-locked while sticking his finger in and out of me. It was so damn good that I could honestly say I missed him so much, so I gave him a hard blow job and didn’t want to stop. I felt my hormones rushing down between my legs. He tied me up and did the classic positions we loved. When the act was done, we both looked at the time: It was 4AM. 

Before he left, I gave him a torrid kiss and a one-minute blowjob. I couldn’t believe that we did it. I was guilty, and broke up with my boyfriend. Now, I’m single, and my ex-boyfriend already has a girlfriend. But we’re still doing it like the good old time 

- Aless by email

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